A side:

  • The Battledykes: Kissin' Santa Claus
  • The Lullabelles: Last Christmas

    B side:

  • Curlee Wurlee!: Le Père Noël aux Amphés
  • The Boonaraaas!: Alien for Christmas

    EP, red vinyl (sold out!)
    Splitbaby 45 (a fraction of Thunderbaby Records) Düsseldorf, Germany
    Limited at 280 pieces with blinking X-mas hat
    Date of Release: November 2002

    # B1 M: X. Ladousse, M. Roden & C. Musy / L: X. Ladousse, A. Schwenke & C. Musy
    (Recorded Oct 2002 at the Wild Wood Studios by Maxx Stamm, Düsseldorf, D)

    The Girls:
    Organ + Vocals: Cécile "Pestoonette" Musy
    Bass: Judy Jetson

    The Boys:
    Guitar: Michael Rodeo
    Drums: Armin Schwenke del Sol

    Many thanks to Xavier Ladousse alias King Loeb for the chorus!!!

    curlee wurlee recommends for great psychedelic stuff, crazy animations, music and more...

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