Larsen #17 - Cover Art by Merinuk

A side:
1- Fleshtones: Soundcheck 2000
2- Slow Slushy Boys: I've gotta change my Life
3- Havox: Mojo Workout

B side:
1- Don Cavalli: Don Cavalli's Ride
2- Mama Guitar: Hey Now
3- Curly Wurly: Tu perds ton Temps

EP (vinyl) inside the wonderful LARSEN fanzine, over 100 pages of great reviews in good orthographe (in French), comics and more. High class paper, hard cover, EP format. sold out!
Larsen, Chambéry, France

Date of Release: December 2000

Cover art by Merinuk (Canada)

The CW track was recorded in August 1999 by Maxx Stamm at Wild Wood Studio, Düsseldorf, Germany

Produced by Maxx Stamm and Curly Wurly

# B3 C. Musy

The Girls:
Organ + Vocals: Cécile "Pestoonette" Musy
Bass: Serial Frauke Zensen

The Boys:
Guitar: Jens Buchheister
Drums: Michael Stellmach

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