Curlee Wurlee!


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- 04/2016: Birds & Bees (14 tracks vinyl / Moody Monkey Records, limited to 525 copies and also available on iTunes & co.)

- 07/2011: Curlee Wurlee likes milk (14 tracks vinyl / (14 tracks vinyl / Moody Monkey Records, Germany)
Very last exemplars available now

- 10/2006: Oui oui... (17 tracks vinyl / Soundflat Records, Germany)
2nd vinyl pressing in 01/2007 (both sold out)
CD release in 04/2007 (get last CDs at Soundflat Mailorder)

- 05/2001: She's a Pest (17 tracks vinyl + CD / Crazy Love Records, Germany)
2nd vinyl pressing in 04/2004


03/2017: C'est destructif (4 tracks EP incl. "C'est destructif", "Underneath my skin", "Gotta get me shoes"" and "Every day of my life", Chaputa!Records, Portugal, ltd. 500 copies)
10/2016: Agents of the Ape (3 tracks EP incl. "I don't like You", "Toudoudou" and "Tripsi Woman", copaseDisques, Germany, ltd. 525 copies)
01/2012: Married Men (3 tracks 7" incl. hit single "Married Men" + two unreleased tracks, Butterfly Records, Spain)
09/2011: My brain is empty (7" feat. piano version, Larsen Records, France)
09/2005: For all the Monkeys (4 tracks EP "The Larsen Session", Larsen Records, France)
03/2005: Die Tornados / Curlee Wurlee! (4 tracks split EP, Copasetic Records + Höhnie Records, Germany)
04/2003: SOS Mesdemoiselles (4 tracks Picture EP illustrated by Darren Merinuk/ Butterfly Records, Spain)
11/2002: Le Père Noël aux Amphés (4 tracks split EP "Grrrl-X-Mas" / Split45 - a fraction of Thunderbaby Recs, Germany)
06/2002: Le Phénomène Vert (4 tracks EP / Wiped Out Records, France)


06/2013: "Married Men" (Compilation CD / You Dig! Records, Wales)?
03/2012: "Big Bang Shot" (Compilation “Garageville“ vol. 1)
12/2009: "Baby baby" (Compilation LP "Benny Gordini & friends / Disques Larsen, France)
10/2007: "Lutin au LSD", "Boogeyman", "Riot", "L'essence des Sens" (Compilation CD "Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash Vol. 1" / Soundflat Records, Germany)
06/2007: "Riot" (Compilation CD in fanzine "Ox #74" / Ox, Germany)
08/2006: "L'essence des Sens" (Compilation CD "Shimmy" / Biff Bang Pow! Records, England)
04/2006: "Chaud ou froid" (Compilation CD in fanzine "REST" / France)
06/2005: Tribute to Nino Ferrer "Les Cornichons" (LP, Larsen Records, France)
10/2004: "Munsters' Theme" (Compilation CD "More to Enjoy (vol. 2)" / Unfair Records, France)
10/2004: "Teachers" (Compilation "Modestadt Düsseldorf" / Teenage Rebel, Germany)
03/2004: "Le Climat Tempéré" (Compilation "Banzai! Punkpop Nuggets #1" / Kamikaze Records, Germany)
03/2004: "Pas de Panique" (Compilation "Cool Grrrls Compilation #2" / Cool Grrrls, USA)
11/2003: "Pestoonette" (2CD Compilation "It's not just Girls Fun" / Wolverine Records, Germany)
04/2001: "Pas de Panique" + "Come Along" (Compilation LP "The Cretins Wanna Dance" / Swindlebra Records, Germany)
12/2000: "Tu perds ton temps" (6 tracks Compilation EP in fanzine "Larsen #17" / Larsen Records, France)
11/2000: "Agathe" (Compilation CD in fanzine "Ox #41" / Ox, Germany)
08/2000: "Spiderman" (Compilation CD "TV sucks" / Wolverine Records, Germany)
02/2000: "Hanky Panky" (6 tracks Compilation EP in fanzine "Larsen #16" / Larsen Records, France)
and a couple more we've never seen...


10/1999: "100% Frenglish Pop'n'Roll" (9-track demo CD/PeopleSound, England)
12/1998: "The original SHE-Sound is back" (4 tracks EP under the name "Curly Wurly" / Homesick Records, Germany)

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Curlee Wurlee Birds and Bees - Cover Art 
by Kai Becker Curlee Wurlee likes milk - Cover Art
by Kerstin Holzwarth She's a Pest - Cover Art
by Eric J. President

Curlee Wurlee! Agents of the Ape My Brain is Empty - Cover Art by Felix Hit single Larsen Session for all the Monkeys SOS Mesdemoiselles - Cover
Art by Merinuk Le Phénomène Vert -
Cover Art by Martin Jablonka Split Curlee Wurlee Tornados Grrrl-X-Mas click here Cool Grrrls #2 BANZAI! Pop Punk Nuggets #1 - Cover art by Fritte Cool Grrrls #2 It's not just Girls Fun - Cover
Art by Fritte The Cretins wanna Dance Larsen # 17 - Cover
Art by Merinuk Ox Fanzine #41 TV sucks - Cover Art by
Fritte Larsen #16 Soundflat Ballroom Bash #1 Benny Gordini & friends Shimmy Waldstock Ox Fanzine #74 Modestadt Düsseldorf 100% Frenglish Pop'n'Roll This is the SHE-Sound, this is
the NOW!-Sound!!!

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(D/in English, French and German)
(D/in English)
(D/in English)
(D/in English or German)
Get Hip
(USA/in English)
(E/in English or Castellano)
Flight 13
(D/in English or German)
Rhythm Online
(GB/in English)
Crazy Love Records
(D/in English or German)
Moskito Mailorder
(D/in English or German)
Green Hell
(D/in German)
(F/in French and English)
Detour Records
(GB/in English)
Sugar and Spice
(F/in French)
Shiny Beast
or Clear Spot (NL/in English)
Amazon, WOM, Libri & co.
and probably some more.
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