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Die Tornados Curlee Wurlee! Hully Gully Summer Safari


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  • Poupée de cire, poupée de son (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • La farce (M: Die Tornados / L: Cécile Musy)

    -CURLEE WURLEE! side-

  • Morgen nehme ich Dein Foto von der Wand (Fats & Inge)
  • Miezekatze
  • (M: Michael Rodeo (Curlee Wurlee!) / L: Nono le Hool's & Curlee Wurlee!)

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    Split EP
    CopaseDisques & Höhnie Records, Germany
    Expected Release: February 2005
    Collector limited at 1000 pieces: 700 black, 300 pink.

    Die Tornados were mixed and produced in the summer 2004 by Sven Hodam ( at Uwe Romeyke’s Rumsei Rec Studio in Leipzig (

    Curlee Wurlee! was recorded and mixed in the summer 2004 by Max Stamm at Wild Wood Studios in Düsseldorf

    Die Tornados thank the Musicshop Geithain, Vespa-Club Leipzig, Beatclub Dessau, Hipshakin Groove Club, Uwe Döhnert and Julian

    “Miezekatze” is based on a short story in French by Nono le Hool’s


    Music downloads probably available soon

    Antje's and Cécile's photos (backside and label) respectively by Matthias Möller and Lars Gottfried

    The CW! Girl:
    Organ + Vocals: Cécile "Pestoonette" Musy

    The CW! Boys:
    Guitar: Michael Rodeo
    Bass: Gereon Helmer
    Drums: Michael "Moody" Larisch
    (First rehearsals ever with Geree and Moodee Wurlee)

    The Tordano Girl:
    Vocals: Antje Tornado

    The Tornado Boys:
    Organ: Jörg
    Bass: Franz
    Guitar: Gamasche
    Trumpet: Thomas
    Tenor Saxophone: Ollie
    Alto Saxophone: Thea
    Trombone: Lukas
    Drums: Pille

    Photo Session for the Split EP (September 25th, 2004 - all pics by Lars)
    Antje TornadoFruitee Wurlee

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