oui oui...

Side A
1. Make you cry
2. You’re a fake
3. Can’t make you mine
4. La Languedocienne
6. Lutin au LSD
7. She’s so square
8. (In the hands of the) black guards
9. Je vais dérailler
Side B

1. PATSAS (Patsas)
2. He won’t come back
3. Twenty seconds
4. Raining in my heart
5. Il, tu, je
6. Shérif, Smith & Wesson
7. My boyfriend is a fireman
8. Sorrow

All songs written by Curlee Wurlee!* except A9 (Matt Armstrong, lyrics: Curlee Wurlee!)

Recorded on 10th Sept 2005 and 15th April 2006 by Paul Smith and Marcel Lepperhof at Burning Ears Studio, Cologne - except B8 recorded at home on 19th July 2005 Mixed and mastered in the long hot summer 2006 in Tom Bone‘s Bedroom, Cologne

Produced by Tom Bone and Curlee Wurlee!

Curlee Wurlee! are Cécile Musy (organ), Michael Roden (guitar), Gereon Helmer (bass) and Michael Larisch (drums)

*Music on
A1 by Rodeo, Geri and Fruitee Wurlee
A2, A8, B3 by Geri
A3, A6, A7, B1, B2, B4, B6, B8 by Fruitee Wurlee
A5, B5, B7 by Rodeo
A4 by Rodeo and Fruitee Wurlee.

Lyrics by Holger Feldkirch on A8, Jenz Bumper on B3 and Nono le Hool’$ on B5 to B7

Front picture by Norman Freese
Liner notes by Bruce Brand

International Mailorder

© Soundflat Records 2006
c/o Marco Traxel, Fischenicher Strasse 32, 50969 Cologne, Germany

Release date: Oct 20th, 2006
Vinyl's first pressing limited to 500 copies with free inlay immediately sold out
2nd pressing of 500 copies in January 2007

CD Release date: April 2007
Quantity: 1000 copies

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