CURLEE WURLEE! 1-2-3-4 let's go!!!

December: You can win some records if you write some lyrics for the band in the GUESTBOOK. Be imaginative. If you're not, just drop a line.
click here and win.
Release November 22nd "Grrrl-X-Mas" with The Battledykes, The Lullabelles, Curlee Wurlee! and The Boonaraaas! (click the link for music download)
The new e.p. "Le Phénomène Vert" out since this summer in the best record store in your town and online from various mailorders world-wide. Superb cover art by Martin Jablonka. Download right now a sample out of the record. Top Notch Girlee Action Pop: Listen right now to the Boys-and-Girls-Band#1 and get sexy!!!

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CURLEE WURLEE go eat snails!!!

Go to the November 2002 foto session
October: goes to Wild Wood studio again, this time for a split XMas-EP on Splitbaby45 (a fraction of Thunderbaby Records/Germany)
First pictures of in Munich at the Atomic Café...
August: A silly but funny improvised interview by OLIVER DE VRIES. Just click "hören", then "Curlee Wurlee" and you'll automatically listen to the mp3 (all in German).
July: The new e.p. "LE PHÉNOMÈNE VERT" is out in the best record store in your town and online! Released on the nice French 60's label WIPED OUT RECORDS. Distribution: here Discover the b/w cover draft, incredible drawings by MARTIN JABLONKA.
July: JUDY JETSON (Judith, Mother, Mother, Judith) will replace Frauke during something like one year at the bass: Welcome! Like the other girls, she's sweet, she's pretty, she's smart, she enjoys life and she knows how to rock'n'roll. Click here!
tour report and pictures available now.
Sing Pestoonette 2000 with : Here are the Chords and Lyrics!
And you'll learn there the meaning of being a Pestoonette...
Find out here what other people write (multilingual...)
CW goes back to Wild Wood Studio in the middle of January 2002 eleven for new EP releases.
Our friend Thorsten made a Fanpage. Now in the web!

Spiderman doesn't rule as much as Asterix but he rules indeed

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