Lots of people wonder and still would love to know what a PESTOONETTE and PEST ATTITUDES are.
Our socialogy specialists tried to clarify your questions as below.

Patinette Pestoonettes and Media

I wanna be a Pestoonette (Paloma, Spain, May 6th, 2002)
Hell-o! I´m Paloma from Spain, we met at Denis... Do you think I´ve got a little possibility for becoming a Pestoonette? I can´t sleep nor work since I went into your web pages and knew about it.... Hope to hear from you soon....

May 13th, 2002
Hello Paloma, For sure we'll never forget the way you got wild'n'weird as we played in Chambéry. We also approximately remember your power, size, ability to go on people's nerves and also... kindness. Because after all, Pestoonettes are nothing else than some kinds of angels.
So after taking all these points into consideration, I am proud to let you know that you are the first Pestoonette to get baptised online and nowhere else than @!
Go on that way and stay as cool and funny as you are!!!
Love from Cécile & the whole Curlee Wurlee team!!!!!
As soon as the Confecciones Dracula homepage is ready, just go to the guestbook and let us know; We'll immediately link you.

What is the definition of a Pestoonette? (Sarah, Beckenham, 26, April 23rd, 2002)

Dear Sarah,
A Pestoonette is a very rare person. It cannot be an animal, an insect nor a skinhead. It has to be tiny (not small but please understand me: tiny!). MORE THAN 1.60 M CANNOT be accepted in the club. Moreover, you have to be a girl. I mean by that: a girl, a real girl. Not such a pseudo-emancipated woman but a real cool girl.
OK. You think you're a girl, you're a cool girl and you're sure there's nothing easier than being accepted in that club. Worst: you think this is simple to join. You're wrong!!!
Most important is: you are a "chipie" (F), a "Nervensäge" (D), a pest, an "emmerdeuse" (F), a minx! You look good? You nearly look like an angel but you're weird and wild? So... No! No! No! You still don't belong to the club. You must show you deserve it. So get in touch with us, nerve people and we will consider.
If you think you've got a chance, then get in touch with us, but never forget that there are not so many "real pests" in this world: they're LESS THAN TEN!!!

I guess I can pretend I'm pest. If you like, I'll send you some examples of my "pest attitudes" in a next message. Now I would like to know who created that club and which kind of people you are (Morgane, Bordeaux, 23, April 15th, 2002)

Dear Morgane, Thank you very much for your message. First of all, we'd be quite interested in hearing / reading what are your "pestoonette" actions. Nevertheless, we like to believe you and we will reply to your questions.
The Pestoonette Club was created by accident by two Frenchies (like you?) - Patricia and Cécile - who met several times at ska (Saxawhaman) and sixties (Les Cactus) concerts. They were both tiny, cute but nerving people. Members of the respective bands couldn't believe that something like that might happen. It was stranger than X-Files. They discussed with each other about what was happening - Patricia kicked ten feet tall people with her Dc. Marteens while Cécile hit them at the back - and in a common voice decided to name them the PESTOONETTES, the French for "tiny minx". Their lifes were highly dangerous at these times but today it has become a legend 'cause many girls tried to join but never managed to stay. Now Patricia (1,50m) left Paris for Montréal (Canada) and scares America, while Cécile (1,57m) lives in Düsseldorf (Germany) and plays with bands. They are the best friends in the world and it is clear that you'd love to belong to such a team. Write more about you and the way you can nerve people. Sorry to remind you 'bout your size... and your weight (under 47 kg!!!)
C ya

Thank you for your prompt reply. I sent you an e-mail. Please answer soon. (Morgane)

It was a pleasure. We'll reply immediately!

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