The FRENGLISH PLAGUE Tour 2003! - The Report

June 19th-June 30th: eleven days of love, hate and passion

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There are many pictures to view here. If you've got the guts to view them all, then you're a real fan, you're in love with one of us or you need a therapy... which you probably need anyway. For those who'd like to ask one more time why there are so few pictures of us on stage, here's the answer: usually we don't take any snapshots while playing... But we're open and can think about it. Fruitee Wurlee's been quite busy doing trashy scans (she definitely can't do it!) and 'cause she's not really a very patient girl, she often gave up sorting out, so that there's a lot of crap over here. There are so many pictures that you'd better go online with a DSL connection... The pages will be updated with some more footnotes soon. So long, we wish you a good time with our tour review!



Start here: Bavaria

Festival Beat



Atomic Café

19th, first day of the tour, we played in the south of Germany

20th and 21st at the Festival Beat XI in Pianello/Piacenza

24th in Bologna

22nd in Parma with Frantic V, 23rd with Gianni, 25th in Fiorenzuola, 26th in Trento and 27th in Verona

28-30th at the Atomic Café and back home

The official Beat Festival pictures are available HERE!!!

More pictures available soon

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