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Tour report May 25th - May 30th, 2005

We finally uploaded it, otherwise you'd never get it.

We have been invited to Greece by our friends Kostas and his unique FRANTIC V, and spent an unforgettable time!

For the moment, we only have some snapshots made with a cheap mobile phone... but you'll get more if you come back later.

The radio jingle which was promoting the Thessaloniki gig is already online, and some mpeg (movie samples of concerts) as well as live pictures in good quality might follow some day.

FIRST DAY: Wednesday

Wednesday around 11 AM at Thessaloniki-Airport... not The Libertines nor Mando Diao but the incredible Wurlee Boys, after a very short night... Then we meet Kostas who we haven't seen for two years, since the Festival Beat 2003 in Italy and we are ultra happy to meet him again. We first went to his flat and met his pretty rockin' girlfriend and singer Maria (who speaks on the jingle!)


3 PM Then we drove direction Macedonia to Amynteo, a small place not very far away from the Albanian border.

5 PM Look at this! A huge and beautiful lake was waiting for us!

6 PM A few drinks and water are waiting for us too. We have not eaten since one day...

But we still behave. This is our first day in Greece, we're very impressed by the beauty of the place and don't want to disappoint Kostas. Not yet!

However, Kostas is looking for trouble. He orders this strong aperitif which looks a little bit like Ouzo, is not Ouzo but Tsipouro (an alcohol made out of Macedonian grapes), and explains how to drink it (with empty stomach)

However, the dinner is finally coming, and what a dinner! We believe we're dreaming. Especially Beatmike and Cécile who are the kinda "gourmets" in the band. Waooo... John (the Dutch looking guy of the pub we're gonna play tonight) and Kostas order sooo much. And actually don't eat anything. We're confused, try everything and love it.

Even Michael Rodeo is a good boy!

Hmmm, yummy! Especially the grilled truit, fresh from the lake! Even Rodeo tries it; It is absolutely delicious, yoohoo!

OK, fine, we already love this country. Welcome in Greece! So we drive with filled bellies to the pub. Everybody there is very friendly. The sound technician tells us about a concert he made near Bordeaux in front of deaf people and the boys of Unknown Passage (psychedelic local heroes) kindly borrow us their material: vintage only, waooo! After the Farfisa is getting repaired (The boys are very quick. Don't forget to take them back with us to Germany), we have a short soundcheck. Then a break. Geri is playing Duke of Puke, we have a nice show (pictures will eventually be added later), then Rodeo and Geri are playing Club of Puke and we have a nice party. The owner of the club (John who's actually not Dutch but Greek and whose name is probably not John but Iannis) is pogo- and beer-dancing.

Thursday around 1 AM: We ask The Unknown Passage to play and they do play. Great show, everybody's partying. Their bass player hasn't arrived yet and Geri takes over the bass. Then it is Kostas' turn.

Do you recognise Kostas on bass?

And now Kostas on organ?

And now Kostas on... organ again? This guy is like Captain America! He's everywhere!

The boys play "Surfin' bird" and the audience is getting a little bit too wild. Cécile's hand is bleeding and Kostas plays "SOS superstar". They stop live music and it's time for the friendly two DJanes and party.

SECOND DAY: Thursday

(day off)

Thursday around 2 PM - We had a good night, forgot the interlude with Geri's socks and wake up happy. Look at this! This is only a stupid mobile phone picture but imagine the sight and the smell in real life!

I didn't mean in the boys' room but there, outside.

We have a little thought to the nice little dog and the shaken ice coffee...

Michael & Michael like each other...

And Cécile is always very proud of her "sexy" boys...

Oh yeah.

Thursday around 3 PM - Beatmike is checking if his rare Astronauts EP managed to melt in the sun. It did.

Great weather, not too hot, not too cold and sunny. We have a stop and Kostas buys some delicious cherries...

Back in Thessaloniki. We go to a rehearsal studio but don't play any music, then drive to a restaurant.

Thursday around 10 PM - The cab driver is arguing with other car drivers and is getting very loud. Cécile's scared and hides herself under the seat, Geri doesn't care. He's a Wurlee Boy.


At the restaurant.

Kostas keeps on getting friendlier:


Delicious food again. And silly band members; Beatmike doing a so-called "Mecht-Hans" to Michael Rodeo. Rodeo doesn't seem to like it so much but remains fair play. He's a cool and smart boy.

Beatmike is extremely elegant in society. The kind of guy you don't think about twice before presenting him to your parents... Geri and Rodeo just do as if he weren't existing.

Yeah, that's Dominic and Elvispopoulos. Dominic is super nice, has a "normal" Greek name but 100% looks like a French, so we call him Dominic. Elvispopoulos is the drummer of The Bullets. He complains about people in the street telling "look, this is Elvis". Really, some people should feel ashamed. His other name is "The Animal" but we like to call him Elvispopoulos.

Elvispopoulos again. He could have a role in a Manga too. Elvispopoulos is a very kind guy and his girlfriend is expecting a second baby, so he will leave soon.

Dominic (You can go back two pictures above and note that he didn't drink wine but beer. The French are not what they used to be!)

After the restaurant, we go to the Kika, obviously one of the scene bars where Kostas DJays once or twice in the week. Very nice people, very nice drinks, very nice music, everything is fine, we feel like at home. This is Thursday around 24 o'clock.

We first had a table outside, in front of the Kika bar.


May be Friday around 1 AM?

Cécile's obviously enjoying her time in Greece.

Friday around 2 AM?

Geri with Jimmy behind him - GS scooter probably parked outside.

The boys, hanging around, discussing, enjoying life too. "Rollo Aller, raus aus der Gesellschaft!"...

Then we went inside. This is a Greco-French boy called Mickael and the nice barkeeper in the back.

We promised this very nice girl - Christina and her good friend Marina (hello!) - to put them on the guestlist on Saturday if they give following password: "Ich habe eine grosse Kartoffel".

Do you believe that we saw them on Saturday? If yes, send an e-mail to f a n c l u b @ c u r l e e w u r l e e . c o m , if not send an e-mail to

Rodeo's hips and more:

Friday around 8 AM - The soup. I'll tell you the story later. I have to puke first. But remind me if I forget because it's a very funny one. Here's the recipe

(Patsatsidika - Suppe für den Morgen danach: PATSA ist eine traditionelle griechische Suppe - gekocht mit Innereien vom Schwein oder Rind. Die Suppenrestaurants sind meist einfach eingerichtet und bieten auch noch andere kleine Gerichte an. Die PATSA wird von den Griechen besonders gern nach einer langen Nacht genossen - angeblich ist sie gut für den Magen. Daher kommt die Mehrzahl der Gäste morgens gegen fünf oder sechs Uhr.)

Same as above.

But around 9 AM and at Kostas' flat's.

We won't give you the recipe 'cause it's a family recipe.

After the obligatory "Sockenkarussell", a traditional throwing socks competition (traditional for Curlee Wurlee!, not especially in Greece...)

That's obviously funny (ha ha ha!)


Next morning, that's less funny because we have to wake up early (=a couple of hours later...) and drive to Athens, which is around 500 km away south of Thessaloniki. Cécile has no voice... but she's got some medicine at the pharmacy so there's still a little piece of hope left.

Wonderful landscapes; Our ex-drummer Armin might have said "Leck mich am Arsch, dat is Kultur" but Armin was absent so we said it. Anyway, it might be around 3 PM on Friday.

We arrive quite late at the AN club. Cécile's voice is still gone and everybody's tired, but that's a great club as a club should be. Friendly sound technician and quick soundcheck. We seldom had such a good sound on stage.

Some mod girls are coming, like Betty who plays moody mod music (recommended by Johnny No in person).

Friday, 11 PM - The Frantic V open the evening and are great!!!

People love them and we love Lia, their "replacement" organ player for the weekend. She's fantastic!

Nice, nice, nice. Great songs, many hits, own compositions and covers. The Athens audience obviously like them a lot!

Pretty Lia again. That's her first gig with the Frantic V and she plays gorgeous.

Kostas and Manolis.

Friday around 24 o'clock - Time for Curlee Wurlee! Is the voice coming back?

First song ("you're a fake") works.


Beatmike looks like a hyppie. Something must be done quickly before people get shocked.



It was a very nice gig with a very nice audience. After the show, we sold quite a lot of records together with Dominic who'd come from Thessaloniki with some other people, and Tom, the label boss of On Stage Records. We met the cool guys of Sound Explosion and Teddyboys from the Crypt, and many more very nice people like Dimitris or Aristoteles. And a good tip: Buy the LOST IN TYME fanzine. It is excellent!

Here's a cool REVIEW of the gig. You can have a look at the pseudo-translation in our REVIEWS-SECTION

Anyway, more pictures soon and eventually some video clips!!!

Party all night, first in a cool r'n'r bar with the nice girl / boss of the club and other nice people such as Panny & co., later on dinner around 6 AM and finally bed around 8 AM on Saturday. We have to leave the room at 12... small coffee, then six hours back to Thessaloniki by car.

FOURTH DAY: Saturday

Saturday around 8 PM - That's what we look like on the fourth party day, after less sleep but a lot of fun:


Don't worry, the boys are going to wake up, it's always like this before the show.

Advertising of the show: here

After the show... will probably follow...

and a big tour of bars... and more... actually after a hard day's night... probably around 7 AM again...

Around 8 AM?... we were supposed to eat there but were still having too much fun, met some people and forth and so on...

We leave. Come back. Leave: Cécile's found her mobile phone again (it was in her jacket)


UWO (unidentified walking objects)


Game grade 1 (simple level) - How many UWO did you count in the above picture and how many do you count in the below picture.

** Send an e-mail to your favourite Frenglish band and get a free sticker with an autograph of your favourite Wurlee (don't forget to name him/her: Cécile, Geri, Michael or Michael) **


Game grade 2 (medium level) - Is it Kostas, Cécile, Geri, Michael or Michael? ** Bonus question: what is she/he doing there? **

Life is hard: Hooligans about to steal and punch a destitute.

Sunday morning (like the song)

Moody guys...


We were supposed to play at a Beach Bar's but the show was cancelled due to the rain...

Sunday around 6 PM - Porky goes business. Now Porky shops everywhere!

Break between Sunday evening and Monday morning... for some private reasons...


And now really moody on Monday, time to go back to Germany; a spaniel would look happier than Benny Hill in comparison.

We just left Kostas: all four Wurlees are sad and moodier than moody. Anybody's got a guitar? Or a mandoline?

Moody and sexy. Bye bye Greece, but be careful, we're coming back!!! (Off: a catacomb voice "ha ha ha ha ha ha!" with "Jack the Ripper" as soundtrack)

Ready for new adventures of PORKY and CURLEE WURLEE!? Come back soon... and many thanks, love and kisses to Kostas for everything!!!

(Note: This page will be updated in the next few days or weeks)


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