Cécile J. M. Musy

Picture by Dirk Ungawa, May 2006

Song-writing, organ (VOX Super Continental and Hammond X5) and vocals

Sexy! HULLY GULLY Jugend Born on an August 14th in Gennevilliers at the border of Paris, France, Cécile formed CW! together with Frauke in Düsseldorf and is now living in Hamburg. She's innocent, eats 100% no meat but adores oysters, going to concerts, Lisa Simpson, making snapshots, rehearsing, reading Belgian BD, stage-diving, making songs, talking to little monkeys, being in love, heartful persons, playing organ, spring, garlic fingers, moving home, mountains, Greek salad, H minor, trying, observing silly things and getting new haircuts by accident. She hates heartless people, abject power, white sky, being tiny, war, when the needles for the record players aren't available anymore, sparkling water, being too often moody, when the neighbours hysterically knock on the wall, being disappointed, wearing watches, when cables are too short, waiting and all that kinda disgusting stuff. She's too weak to carry her organ, never did the ironing and has quite a weak notion of managing a budget. Her main defaults are (might be) believing in good mankind. She is unexpectable, unmoderated, extremely impatient and always innovates ways of "getting on people's nerves". She's mostly totally euphoric or fully depressed. People call her ORGANELLA (while others call her Thee Organ Goddess, Cécilette or Sexyletta, Fruitee Wurlee, Super Pestoonette 7000 or just "shut up"). They usually love her or hate her at first. At first... However, she's definitely a heartful and passionate girl, and really funny with her French accent and absurd (bad) jokes. She's always busy but loves playing with other bands. Cécile is golden member of the Hully Gully Jugend, together with Reverend Beat-Man (who's Hully Gully Boy of the month). Cécile likes to enjoy her youth and has a secret... and she makes hits only, all ©Pestoonette guaranteed.

Live at the Tube, 13th May 2000

Cécile enjoys playing her HAMMOND X5, ELKA Panther Duo, Philips Philicorda and above all, her VOX Super Continental! She dreams of many more organs, a piano and all that kinda stuff...

Side occupations next to Curlee Wurlee!:

DJing as "Organella"(vinyl only)

Running a little but hot label and mailorder called MOODY MONKEY RECORDS

Organising with good friends a super cool garage festival each Spring in Hamburg: GARAGEVILLE

Cécilette Wurlee

Releases with CURLEE WURLEE!

All! :-) See discography in the menu

or below

- Agents of the Ape - 3-tracks EP (copaseDisques, 2016 / D)

- Birds and Bees – 14-tracks LP (Moody Monkey Records, 2016 / D)

- Married Men – 3-tracks EP (Butterfly Records, 2013 / E)

- My brain is empty - 7" (Larsen, 2012 / F)

- Curlee Wurlee Likes Milk – 14-tracks LP (Moody Monkey Records, 2011 / D)

- Oui Oui – 17-tracks LP (Soundflat Records, 2006 / D)

- Split w/Die Tornados – 4-tracks Split EP (copaseDisques, 2005 / D)

- For All The Monkeys – 4-tracks EP (Disques Larsen, 2005 / F)

- SOS Mesdemoiselles – 4-tracks EP (Butterfly Records, 2003 / E)

- Le Père Noël aux Amphés – 4-tracks Split EP (Thunderbaby Records, 2002 / D)

- Le Phénomène Vert - 4-tracks EP (Wiped Out Records, 2002 / F)

- She's a Pest – 17-tracks LP (Crazy Love Records, 2001 / D)

- and plenty of compilations and other thingies...

For more, check out the Discography in the menu on your left.

Releases with THEE OUTLETS

- Garageville Compilation vol. 2 (Out in March 2013)

- 7" Halloween Bash (Out in November 2012 on Moody Monkey Records)

- E.P. 1st (Out in June 2012 on Moody Monkey Records)


- Dangerous Machine (Out beginning of 2010 on Fuzz Overdose Records, Greece)

Release with PAINTED AIR

- Come on 69 (Out beginning of 2010 on Green Cookie Records, Greece)

Release with SPEEDBALL JR

- For the broad minded (Out 2007 on Green Cookie Records, Greece)

Releases with THE BOONARAAAS

- Hypecity no.1 (a collection of raw sounds from rock city Solingen 1990-2000): "Boonette" (Sugar of The Cheeks made that song) and "Heinz" (Heinz) (Compilation - Germany / Valve Records 2000)
- Straight into the Action: "Never Thought You'd Leave Me" (Susi Quatro...) (Compilation - Germany / Wild Weekend 1998)
- Too Hot To Handle: "Boonadance" (Cécile & Bodo-X) (Compilation - Germany / Homesick Recs 1997)
- The Kittenblood Compilation: "Never Alone" (Five Canadians) (Germany / Thunderbaby Recs 1997)
- The Return of the Incredible..." yellow EP, sticker, Hulk poster (Germany / Thunderbaby Recs 1997)
- Attack of the Terrible Boots: "All I Want To" (Cécile) (Compilation - Japan / Mint Sound Records 1996)
- "She-Sound 2000" green EP, sticker, Pop cover (Germany / Thunderbaby Recs 1995)

And with other bands:

- 2016: Recorded 8 tracks on organ for a French-Danish band.
- Sonny Vincent: Guest Organ on the album "BIZARRO HYMNS" (Germany / Still Unbeatable Records 2011)
- The Cheeks: Guest Organ on the new Cheeks: "ROYAL POP ELEVATION" CD/LP and maxi "MR. RAIN", finest 6t's power pop (Germany / Wolverine Records 2001)
- Stunde-X Organ on some live tracks of the F95 Tribute Night CD "Wir sind Fortuna Düsseldorf, wir können alles" (Germany / Wolverine Recs 1998)
- Punica Oasis - It's a Damned Damned Damned World: Organ and Background Vocals on "Dutzend Girls" with Fatty (Jet Bumpers), Peter Schiffers (Stunde-X) and Bodo-X (Compilation - USA / Satellite Recs and NDN Records 1997)
- Stunde-X - Piano (intro) on the Stunde-X / Family*5 "Fortuna" Split Single (Germany / Eleven Recs 1997)
- Bo & Bodo - Background vocals on "Die Rechnung" ("Unser Stil" EP - Germany / Get Happy Recs 1995) She's a Pest


- 2010-2011: Organ with The Wrong Society
- September 2006: Organ and BV with Sunny Domestozs
- May-September 2006: Organ, SW and BV with Dollsquad
- May 2004 - Sings (screams!) on one track with Schwarz auf Weiss released in September on LP "Hurra System!"
- Oct 27th, 2003 - Plays organ on "Alaska" for eR fRance (release: June 21st, 2004)
- 2002-2004: Vocals for Nova Express (Parallel Schallplatten)
- January 2002 - Sings background on "Heaven in Hell" by the great Western Trash Country Boys of Hack Mack Jackson (Germany 2002 / Triggerfish Music)
- Sings something like 5 or 6 songs for Kiesgroup (this is Max and Vander) (Germany 2000 / not available)
- 2000 - Screams for Mouse on Mars (will not be released...)
- 1995-1999 Plenty of Sunday recordings with Jens Buchheister
- Sings on Movie Soundtrack Le bahut va craquer (Michel Nerval, France)
- Sings on Les Oiseaux Soundtrack awarded at the festival d'Avoriaz (France)
- Sings on Jean-Michel Caradec's''s "Album pour les enfants" (France)

Cécile's favourite current bands/musicians are Hank Robot & The Ethnics, The Teamsters, The Skeptics, The Muffs, Sick Hyenas, The Maharajas, Pissinboy, PowerSolo, The Viceroyes, The Wrong Society, King Automatic, Los Peyotes, Hollywood Sinners, Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers, The Maggie's Marshmallows, The Trash Templars, The Movement, The Frantic V, Os Nuctambulos, The Masonics, Graham Day, The Slow Slushy Boys, The Strollers, King Khan, Die Tornados, The Yum Yums, The Decibels, The Jewws, The Accidents, Pansy Division, Kaisers Chief, The Link Quartet, The Hives and many other bands or people.

Her faves of the past are Count V, The Zombies, Buzzcocks, The Who, The Jam, The Remains, The Music Machine, Jimmy Smith, The Devil Dogs, Otis Redding, Les 5 Gentlemen, The Shangri-La's, Gino Washington, The Godzillas, Not of this Earth and his Booboos, Françoise Hardy, The Barracudas, Doctor Explosion, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Seeds, The Jet Bumpers, The Ventures, Régale-Moi, The Beach Boys, Gun Club, Nino Ferrer, Thee Heebie Jeebies, Hero X, Tie Reds, The Clique, Evariste, Les Dragueurs, The Prisoners, Stunde-X, The Backwood Creatures, Les Snipers, The Specials, The Milkshakes, The Sonics, Flop, The Hi-Fives, Les Calamités, The Headcoats / Headcoatees, Creation, Georgie Fame, The Bristols, Les Sexareenos, all the Pebbles, Back from the Grave, Teenage Shutdown and similar compilations, and of course many other great people difficult to all list here.

Last Update: 2013

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