Stuttgart (Hi-Club) and Pegnitz (Waldstock Festival)
June 9th & 10th

More pictures soon!

We drove to the Hi-Club in Stuttgart on Friday

That ex-red light club is really cute with that strip bar on stage. It was nearly sold out and there were even cool people who'd come especially from France (hello Laurent Looksmart & Co.) The gig was in my mind really cool and wild. It was the FIRST gig with Mitch Moody on drums and it ruled. Also a nice nice guy called Sven sent us pictures of the gig:

And Rodeo also made pictures as we drove to Michael-the-super-kind-booker around 5 AM probably:

On the next day we drove to Pegnitz / Oberfranken to the WALDSTOCK Festival:

Also some pictures of our gig will be available here soon.

There were pretty cool bands but we didn't see all of them because we arrived "a little bit too late", due to the different traffic jams on German motorways. At least, The Broken Beats were absolutely amazing:

We partied a big part of the night we the other bands:

After the party, we were brought to the auberge around 4 or 5 AM and funny things happened them. A crew of fans was waiting for us: little decadent pets tried everything to perverse us. Sorry but we had to censure most of the pictures!


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