Ralpf on Fyre - July 2014, Tsunami Club

E-guitar and backing vocals
That''s R.o.F.!

Started playing with CW! in 2014. Yippie.

Originally a punk-kid and therefore trained socially, this guy is as friendly as he's haunted. Being born on a Friday 13th made him wear black to the bone. His parents called him Ralf but he changed to Ralph to stay incognito. Doesn't like to stand in the spotlights, which sounds somewhat inconsistent when playing in a band? He'd say: "Inconsistency is my consistency" and so he never learned to laugh but to roll in broken glass instead.

He likes his music raw and broken too, and affects anything pleasant out of his guitar. He loves forcing it to sound bad but between us, he can get very wonderful sounds too. Don't tell him, don't even dare to whisper it, since he would deny it.

Conclusion: this is a great thing we finally found our guitar player!

Other current band: The Dead Hands

Releases with:


- Agents of the Ape - 3-tracks EP (copaseDisques, 2016 / D)

- Birds and Bees - 14-tracks LP (Moody Monkey Records, 2016 / D)

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Releases with other bands:

The Dead Hands
+ This Garden Is Haunted - LP/CD (Fabulous Generation, 2012)
+ III - LP (Stay Insane Records, 2016)

Stereo Satanics
+ Surrounded By Ghosts - LP/CD (Fading Ways Records, 08)
+ Whole Lotta Nothin' - LP/CD (Subversiv Records, 07)
+ Pirate Love - LP/CD (Out-o-Space Records, 04)
+ Split 7" with Hicktown Heroes (Out-O-Space Records, 00)
+ She Never Said No - 7" (Out-O-Space Records, 00)

Cha Cha Guerillas
+ Found Their Peace In Virgin Mary - CD (RHR Records, 09)
+ 7 Romantic Lovesongs for the Outsiders at Heart - CD (02)
+ 7 Traditionals for Guitar, Organ And Drums - CD (01)

Supersonic X
+ Life Sucks - CD (99)
+ Low Budget Post Punk Explosion - CD (97)
+ X-ed Out - Mini-LP (Out-O-Space Records, 95)
+ Head - LP+7"/CD (Out-O-Space Records, 94)

Danse Macabre
+ Bad But Not Bad - LP/CD (Dark Star Records, 90)
+ Le Innocent De Paris - 7" (88)

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