Beatclub Dessau vs. Beatparade Frohburg
February 2003

The gig at the Beatclub in Dessau was one of the best gigs of this year. The Beatclub was full (around 400 persons) and everybody was dancing and singing with us. That was a real cool party! Then Joe Travolta and Howie Paris d.j.ayed the best 60's beat on earth. We have no pictures of this great evening, only the flyer of the party:

On the next day, we went to the Bauhaus and it was extremely cold outside. Then we drove to Frohburg, a small town next to Leipzig were Gamasche had organised his first Beatparade. We played before the fantastic Tornados, local heroes and one of the best European ska bands ever! (check out their records!) Unfortunately, CÚcile had 40░C fever and was coughing all the time... that's the soundcheck at the Beatparade:

...but CW gave everything they could! It seems that the skinheads there did not like it as much as the audience the day before... but there were still some people, like Falko who had come especially from Chemnitz:


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