Armin Schwenke

Armin does the Shimmy - Oct 2001

Energetic Drums and Vocals

Sexy! Curlee Wurlee's drummer since September 2001 is Armin-King-of-the-Boogaloo!!! (ex-Heebie Jeebies, Doll Squad, Embryonics, Cheeks, Demolition Girl and a lot more... some pretend he even played with The Kaisers but that's not true). Armin is Curlee Wurlee's kind of mascot, has a large sense of humour and is very tolerant. Doh! the last one was a lie... For everyone who knows Armin, it is clear that he is not like any usual man whose life starts and stops with football. No no no, he's also very much interested in beat music and fancies drinks. Born on a June 25th in Aspirin-Town-Leverkusen, Armin lived up to now in Rock-City Solingen and he's definitely a cool guy to party with, even though he likes being depressed a couple of days in the year, and having the flue. But he doesn't sniff glue. Some call him "der Wirt" which means "the barman" in German. Cécilette calls him "Armin-the-vermin" or the "contraceptive method", others call him the "decadent vicious man", El Papa, Duke of Puke, King Porno or simply Dirtee Wurlee. For some unclear reasons... Armin assumes he never was a mod but that's hard to believe. We guess he's just pretending for safety sake... although he's actually the punkest guy we know. He's very tough and has quite a rough vocabulary sometimes (which would never happen to the other members of the band...) Armin sometimes boycotts songs he just doesn't want to play. He doesn't say anything (which somehow is a sign), just rolls a fag and opens another can (which is normal). Anyway, he's the one who buys new underpants before each gig. Only god knows why. Armin is funny and life is pink and yellow with him and his big monkey. Armin moved 700 km away from Curlee Wurlee! some months ago but it is obviously hard to get rid of him. And the other way round... so he's still playing all gigs. Let's see what the future's gonna say. Just come in and join the weird psych-a-rollic world of Armin Schwenke!

May 2004: Armin felt in love last year, she felt in love with him and after more than half a year spent between Düsseldorf and Berlin, Armin finally moved to Berlin. However, he will always stay KING ARMIN and a FOR-EVER-WURLEE in our minds!

Armin's last gig with CW! at the HAUS in Kassel

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