Farmers Garage Shakedown
Leverkusen, 9th July 2005

The first pictures at Olli's Pattscheid Hayride! That was just a party but many people came from nearly everywhere, it went through the next day and we all spent an absolutely "delicious" time there. Only fun, except for Montesita girl Angi who had to be brought to the hospital just because she hully gullied five (fatal) seconds with Miss Fruitee. We wish her to recover soon. More pictures will follow (we swear this time...), hopefully without flash (we still script in garage html anyway...)


That was a real farm and these are the first pictures in the afternoon, by soundcheck and as the first people arrived.

Beat Revolver started to play probably around 11 PM, they played very good 60’s beat from Cologne and even the Turbojugend fraction digged it!

Finally Curlee Wurlee played. Thanks to Carl-Heinz Creis and Armin the Vermin for the pictures. More will be added soon.

So long, many thanks to Dirk for the below snapshots! Dirk Dutronic and Philippe Gonk especially came right from Antwerp and are real cool guys! (tip: don't forget to check out their contribution to the Nino Ferrer tribute sampler)


GUEST VOCALS by KING ARMIN, our beloved previous drummer who'd come from Berlin to party with. And he really definitely did party (even if he looks like a killer on this picture, ha ha!)



After playing, ex and new drummer cuddled a little bit

And Rodeo with porky possessed eyes...…

And The Heebie Jeebies were about to play but didn’t



The party went on all night until the next morning, we all felt in love, did hankee pankee and life became beautiful. Last people left in the afternoon on the next day. Ride on, leck mich am Arsch, life's a gas Du Idiot!


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