CURLEE WURLEE! has a unique style: fronted by its French female song-writer-organist and accompanied by three other well-known musicians, their songs are a schizophrenic mix of intricate compositions influenced by garage punk, French drama, beat, punkrock and neo-garage, potentially surf/exotica, and with its very personal signature on top. They have a unique expression of language which differentiates them from other musical structures.

Quote: “It's easy to recognise their style among tons of other bands" (No Brain Zine, NL, 2003).

CURLEE WURLEE! finally produces the virgin savage sound they were originally looking for: though influenced by English guitar groups and organ-driven US teen garage, CURLEE WURLEE! is deeply anchored TODAY!

CURLEE WURLEE! is a French/German garage band based in four different European cities (Hamburg, London, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin... sometimes in Paris) which makes live appearances more seldom and thus, highly demanded. The band are comprised of song-writer-organist Cécile Musy (also known as Organella who played with many different bands such as Thee Outlets, Dollsquad, Speedball Jr, Sonny Vincent, Painted Air, Stunde-X, Boonaraaas, to name but a few), brand new guitarist Ralph on Fyre (The Dead Hands), bassist Holger Krämer (The Gee Strings) and drummer Michael Larisch (better known as Beatmike who also plays with The Astronauts, ex-HaraKeeRees).

CURLEE WURLEE! recorded 4 albums, 9 singles on various European labels and some 20 international compilations.

CURLEE WURLEE! played in Germany, France, England, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands. They're quite an absurd bunch of nuts, and their live performances are most of the time turning into a degenerating bash.

The band started playing and recording when they first appeared on French label Disques Larsen, followed by their first longplayer “She's a Pest” on German label Crazy Love Records in 2001, as well as plenty of compilations and singles, until their second LP „Oui Oui“ came out in 2006 on Soundflat Records. Third album "Curlee Wurlee Likes Milk" recorded in France came out in 2011 on Moody Monkey Records, a smart and growing independent garage label (Hank Robot, The Maharajas, The Teamsters, Sick Hyenas, The Youth, etc.), and was immediately followed by a single on Larsen, and an EP in 2012 on Spanish label Butterfly records. Their fourth album “Birds and Bees” - which just appeared on Moody Monkey Records again - anchors a milestone in the European underground music, and an exciting 3-tracks EP “Agents of the Ape” is expected on October 28th on copaseDisques. Featuring brand new sexy songs! This fall, a new single will be recorded at the Swampland Studio in France.

Curlee Wurlee Birds and Bees - Cover Art 
by Kai Becker

Another quote: “The Franco-German combo Curlee Wurlee! have been together for ages but unlike you, they're still as young and fresh as ever, and their sound is as juvenile as a teenager's bedroom: a heated mixture of joy, anger, sadness, love, hate, acne, organ, guitars and confidence. If you know Curlee Wurlee!, you need this album because it is gigantic. If for some reason you don't know them yet, then the more reason” (Kai Becker, The Wrong Society, D, 2016).

CURLEE WURLEE! are called the "Beat Surf Punk Sensation": they belong to the most original garage bands of the decade, they are also being assimilated to left-winged artists due to their lyrics and positioning, as well as girl bands, due to their song-writer and front lady being in fact none less than a girl.

Curlee Wurlee! Agents of the Ape

NEWS: New album Birds & Bees out now on Moody Monkey Records, and 3-tracks EP “Agents of the Ape” available on 28th October 2016 on copaseDisques!

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